The Benefits of Hiring a Content Writing Service

What exactly is content writing? defines it as, “The art (or science) of creating content for the web and non-web based content such as: marketing materials, research proposals, newsletters and all other kinds of written content.”

The purpose/desired outcome of content writing is: “Higher search ranking for the website, increased traffic to the website, increased number of conversions and increased number of subscribers.”

Today the need for content writing is higher as businesses look to the web and social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) as they are free ways to help promote their service or product. Many organizations have a designated communications person that assists with content writing for them. The communications representative also knows how to best utilize social media to further the organizations bottom line.

On the other hand there are businesses that struggle with content writing. They may not have the overhead to hire a designated communications person to help with content writing/social media. Or they just may prefer handling their business communications on their own.

These businesses may not understand the value of good content writing. Good content writing helps businesses increase interest in their service/product, increase web traffic and ultimately helps improve their bottom line. This is where utilizing a content writing service like Copywriter Today comes from.

Copywriter Today was founded to help entrepreneurs, sales people, and managers all over the country get their message out to their audience in a consistent and professional manner.

Writing can be difficult: difficult to find time for, and difficult to do right. We are here to make it easier. When you sign up for one of our monthly plans you aren’t just paying for the words. You are buying time and expertise.

Our team of writers is here to help you communicate with your various audiences in a clear, timely, and effective manner. Whether you need a short blurb for a course description, a blog post for your company blog, or a short business letter, we can help. We can also help with projects such as short blog posts, sales letters, emails, brochure copy, press releases, introductions, and more.

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Let us take the time and stress out of content writing for you and your business. Contact us today: