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My name is Stan R. Mitchell and I love writing fast-paced thrillers. Readers have, thankfully, compared my works to Vince Flynn, Lee Child, and Stephen Hunter — three of my favorite authors. I’ve published three books: “Sold Out,” “Soldier On,” and “Little Man, and the Dixon County War.” So, if you’re looking for an action-packed, fast-moving thriller, I’m your man. If you’re looking for literature, hate the thought of blood or pain, and are bothered by profanity, then move on. I’m most certainly not your man. If you want a short bio about me, here’s what I squeezed into Twitter: I'm a prior USMC SGT (0311) and Isshinryu fanatic who writes action thrillers! Favorite author is Vince Flynn. See novels on Amazon @ .

Update on the Linden Elementary situation

(Editor’s Note: The following press release was sent out this afternoon by Dr. Bruce Borchers, Superintendent of Oak Ridge Schools.)

Subject: Update from Oak Ridge Schools

In addition to the Press Release, here’s what I can share in regard to what steps we are taking to support Linden Elementary:

We have five counselors from the elementary and middle school, and the school psychologist who serves Linden, at Linden this morning.  They have met with students who appeared upset or anxious.  I will tell you, though; it has been remarkably calm in my opinion.

Linden School Counselors met with the student’s class early this morning.  The focus of the meeting was to let them know what facts we have…that the boy died, the firemen and paramedics did everything they could to help him, and that Mr. Ward (principal) would communicate to their parents when they had information about a service or funeral.

Staff also went to each of the other third grade classes to check on those students.

The school PTO is forming a fund for donations to help the family handle expenses.  They will also be bringing by food to the boy’s home.

A staff member will ride the bus this afternoon as a support for the students.

We do have employee assistance available through our health insurance for staff that may need counseling.

Central Office staff and our Board President were present this morning at Linden to offer support for staff and students.

Dr. Bruce Borchers, Superintendent
Oak Ridge Schools

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Linden Elementary student dies on bus ride home

(Editor’s Note: The following press release was sent out tonight by Dr. Bruce Borchers, Superintendent of Oak Ridge Schools.)

The Linden Elementary School community suffered a terrible loss on Tuesday afternoon when a Linden student became unresponsive on the bus ride home and was later pronounced dead at Methodist Medical Center. It is a very sad day for Linden Elementary, Oak Ridge Schools, and the entire Oak Ridge Community. The thoughts and prayers of the Linden and Oak Ridge Schools’ staff go out to the family.

The student was a wonderful student who was a Lion through and through. Please join us in keeping his family, friends and the entire Linden Elementary School family in your thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time.

Linden Elementary School will provide grief counselors at the school tomorrow (Wednesday) to help students, parents and friends deal with their thoughts and feelings associated with this loss.

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Community invited to forum on Homelessness in Anderson County

The community is invited to attend a forum on homelessness at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 3, in the Social Hall of the Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church (ORUUC), located at 1500 Oak Ridge Turnpike, stoplight #11 in Oak Ridge.

Organized by the Trinity Out-Reach Center of Hope, (TORCH) and ORUUC, the forum will bring together experts from social service agencies, faith based groups, and the wider community for an update on homelessness, including a frank discussion about homelessness in Anderson County, its contributing factors, an exploration of potential solutions, Family Promise Information, how to begin a 10-year plan to end chronic homelessness, and ways that people can be involved in the upcoming “Point In Time Count.”

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Oak Ridge Schools increase United Way contributions by 25%

Oak Ridge School system increased their contributions to this year’s United Way of Anderson County (UWAC) campaign by over 25% according to Dr. Bruce Borchers, Oak Ridge School superintendent. “We are excited to be able to give back to our community,” Borchers said. “This is a great community to be part of.”

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Former U.S. Marshal announces run for Anderson Co. Sheriff

(WBIR) A former federal deputy U.S. Marshal has announced his run for the Sheriff of Anderson County Tuesday.

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Flooding possible on Tuesday; snow expected Wednesday

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Tuesday’s biggest threat is lots of rain which could result in flooding.

The 6 Storm Team says 1 to 3 inches of rain will fall between Tuesday morning and night. Remember, never try to drive over flooded roadways.

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The Roane Alliance President/CEO Announces Retirement

In a letter dated November 19 to The Roane Alliance Board Chair Sharon Templeton, Leslie Henderson, President/CEO of The Roane Alliance, announced her retirement effective at the end of March, 2014.

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NNSA removes high-activity radioactive materials from Boston

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) recently successfully recovered a disused, high-activity cesium-137 source from Massachusetts General Hospital in downtown Boston, Mass. and transported it for permanent disposition. Formerly used as a research irradiator for medical studies, the device contained cesium-137, which could be used in a dirty bomb. The removal was part of NNSA’s global campaign to prevent terrorists from acquiring nuclear and radiological material.

“This operation is a key part of the NNSA’s broad strategy to strengthen both U.S. and global security by keeping dangerous nuclear and radiological material safe and secure,” said NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Anne Harrington. “Today’s announcement is a good example of how NNSA utilizes its unique expertise and assets at the national laboratories to partner with local communities and other agencies to make our cities and those around the world safer and more secure.”

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Thieves steal custom made bicycle from legally blind man

Thieves stole a bicycle custom-designed for a legally blind man outside of the Books-A-Million store in Oak Ridge Thursday.

See full story from WATE here:

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Renovated Waterworks Exhibit reopens at Children’s Museum

Children are once again splashing water as they send wooden tugboats down river in the TVA Waterworks Exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge. The exhibit recently reopened with some new additions that highlight learning through play.

In addition to operating small locks and dams in a flume donated by the Tennessee Valley Authority, children now may climb aboard a child-sized tugboat for an imaginary trip down the Tennessee River. After boarding, children may walk around the deck before entering the pilot house and crews’ quarters of the red, white and blue tugboat, a small scale replica of Ingram Marine Group’s working tugboats.

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